Pilates Gosforth

We are delighted to offer you the chance to join us in our Gosforth Pilates exercise class, led by an experienced physiotherapist.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a very safe form of exercise which combines specific movements and breathing control designed to stabilise the core. It is therefore suitable during pregnancy.

Benefits of pilates

  • Improved strength and balance
  • Enhanced body awareness
  • Relief of muscle tension
  • Improved postural alignment
  • Promote recovery/prevent recurrence
  • Many benefits for pregnant women, including reducing the risk of urinary incontinence and prolapse post partum

Who can take part?

Anyone can take part! Our Pilates sessions are taken by a Chartered Physiotherapist so it is safe to take part at any fitness/ability level. The session will be tailored to you. It is, however, essential that you attend a one-to-one physiotherapy assessment with Balmoral Physiotherapy prior to attending the course in order to learn the key basic elements. Positions for exercises are adapted to suit you accordingly. We even offer prenatal/antenatal classes, and postnatal classes. Pilates is a fantastic way to prepare for, and recover from, pregnancy when led by our experience professionals at Balmoral Physio Gosforth.

pilates exercises

When / Where are the classes?

The latest physiotherapist-led pilates classes begin on 26th April 2018, and run in six-week blocks, with approximately two weeks break in between. If you can't make the upcoming start date, simply sign up for the next one! The classes are held at St. Nicholas' Gosforth Parish Church Hall on Wardle Street, Gosforth, Newcastle, NE3 1AN.

How to get started

Simply book a 1:1 assessment appointment and inform us whether you would like individual Pilates, 'bring-a-friend' joint sessions, or group sessions. Contact us now to start experiencing the benefits of Pilates.

What to wear

Comfortable clothing.  You are welcome to bring your own mat for your Pilates class.

To book an appointment, or for more information call us on 0191284 0087 .