The Benefits of One-to-One Physio and Our Hands-On Approach

Here for Your Individual Needs

Everybody reacts differently to pain or injury and at Balmoral Physiotherapy we take the time to listen to your personal needs. All of our appointments are 40 minutes long which allows you time to fully explain and discuss your symptoms and goals.

Experienced Physiotherapists

Our physiotherapists have a vast amount of experience which means they can ask relevant questions to find out the cause and nature of your symptoms. Whether it is a persistent niggle or more severe pain, physiotherapy can help. After questions, and a detailed examination, you can then discuss your expectations and options.

Your Expectations

Diagnosis, treatment options, and likely outcome will be explained to you so that you can then make an informed decision about your physiotherapy treatment programme.

Your Hands-On Physio Options

There are several different approaches to treatment. Manual therapy (hands on physiotherapy treatment) forms a major part of our treatment approach. Hands on treatment involves gentle movement, manipulation or massage of joints, muscles, ligaments and surrounding structures. Manual therapy is very specific and can involve very intricate movements which can only be achieved effectively by an experienced physiotherapist. Hands on therapy uses techniques which are graded according to your specific needs and level of tolerance. You are able to give feedback during the treatment so that you are in control of this treatment and can stop or adjust it at any time. These techniques help to reduce pain, restore movement, and speed up recovery.

Holistic approach

Stretches, strengthening and general exercise complement manual therapy and help to maintain the improvement. Exercises and stretches are specific to you and tailored to your lifestyle and preferences. These specific exercises will also help prevent recurrence of your symptoms.