Massage Types

Massage can be applied differently, depending on your requirements. Massage therapy can be deep, strong, relaxing or a combination.

At Balmoral physiotherapy we offer two types of massage:

Sports Massage

Clinical Aromatherapy Massage

The benefits of massage are far-reaching and can help to improve the health of both body and mind.

Massage can help you prepare or recover from sport, or can help to relax and revitalise tense muscles.

Benefits of massage

Relief of pain

Anyone can experience muscular pain. Muscles can become tight and shortened from overuse, strain, repetitive use or sustained postures. This may be as a result of sporting activities, work or lifestyle. Specific, targeted massage, can help release tight muscles and trigger points.

Reduced swelling

Swelling can occur post injury or can be due to repetitive overuse or localised inflammation due to tension in the surrounding structures. Massage can be applied to reduce the effects of swelling and improve the local circulation.

Reduced stiffness

By reducing the tension in the muscles and surrounding structures, joints can feel freer and generally less stiff.

Relaxation and stress relief

Muscles will often become tense when feeling stressed, or when holding sustained postures for long periods of time e.g. At work. Massage can help reduce this tension and help you feel relaxed.

Specific massage techniques and stretching regimes can help you prepare for specific events, recover afterwards and optimise your training regime.

For more details on the types of massage we offer, see sports massage or clinical aromatherapy.

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