Dry Vacuum Cupping Massage

Dry vacuum cupping is a type of soft tissue massage using negative pressure through the use of a suction cup on the skin, creating a vacuum.

Vacuum cupping is an ancient treatment modality used by Egyptian, Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures.

It can be used to complement traditional massage and other physiotherapy techniques.

Cupping Massage Technique:

A set of small plastic cups are used for the massage. The number and size of the cups used will be tailored to each individual.

Oil is applied to the skin as a lubricant and cup(s) are placed over the area to be treated.

A vacuum is then created under the cup using a small hand pump. The level of suction is tailored to individual requirements. The cup is then moved gently over the desired area.


  • Increasing blood flow to the area
  • Promoting healing
  • Releasing tight fascia/connective tissue
  • Relaxing muscles

After treatment muscles and soft tissues should feel relaxed and spasm reduced.

For more information please ask your Physiotherapist.