Back pain treatment and steps to recovery


At Balmoral's Gosforth Physiotherapy clinic we have experienced physiotherapists who are experts in the assessment and treatment of spinal problems and back pain. Your physiotherapist will ask some detailed questions, have a close look at how your spine moves, and examine the joints and muscles of your back.

Diagnosis and Explanation

If you understand your back problem it will help you recover. Your Physiotherapist will explain the diagnosis in detail and answer any questions you may have about your back.

Treatment Options

Your physiotherapist will guide you through the treatment options for your 'bad back' or spine pain, and discuss the benefits. At Balmoral Physiotherapy we are experienced manual therapists using ‘hands on’ treatment, complemented by a range of other treatment options. 

'Hands On' Manual Therapy

Expert 'hands on' treatment and massage improves mobility of the spine and reduces the muscle tension in your back.

Back pain for physiotherapy


Pain Relief


Self Management and Prevention

Small changes in lifestyle, posture, and positioning can make a big difference. Exercises do not need to be time consuming and onerous. Your physiotherapist will tailor your regime to suit your lifestyle, offering advice on posture, exercises/activity and positioning. Back pain is very common and responds very well to physiotherapy and self management. With the help of Blamoral Physiotherapy in Gosforth, you will be be able to continue as much of your usual activity as possible while your back pain is improved. For more details on how back pain can affect our everyday life and how Balmoral Physiotherapy can help, read our back pain page or contact Balmoral Physiotherapy today.